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The mission of Harmonic Flow Arts is to bring together Flow Artists in the San Francisco Bay Area to tell a story about Unity. How we are connected to each other, the planet and the cosmos.

Meet the Team

Harmonic Flow Arts Owner 

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Otillia Ward immigrated from South Africa to the USA and fell in love with San Francisco, it is here where she discovered hula hooping and hasn't looked back. Hooping has helped Otillia overcome some of her biggest obstacles in life fueling her desire to spread the joy of self-expression to others. She’s grateful to be able to share this passion through performing and teaching the art of hula hooping. Some of her most memorable performances include Burning Man, Lightning in a Bottle Fire Pits and Alice in Winterland a Holiday Circus Production.

Ash Rex Circus

She was born a contortionist, no doubt about that. A clown since day one, of course. She realized her true love of circus when she was lured by a circle. She likes circles. A hoop. First it was around the waist, then off the body, then.... a hoop in the air. That circle, can we make it glow? Can we set it on fire?  Ash is not afraid. You just have to know how the fire moves.  Let's juggle it too. Hoops, balls, clubs, in the air, on the ground, on fire. Yes, that does sound like a lot of fun, doesn't it? ​Has circus, will travel.


Rion Fish

RionFish - Rion Fish.jpg

Rion Fish has been obsessing over buugeng for almost a decade. In the flow arts, Fish finds a natural place to combine dance and storytelling with object manipulation. Hailing from the city below sea level, New Orleans, Rion now pursues circus dreams in San Fransisco.

Megan Menagerie

Megan Koester is a flow artist based in the Bay Area, California. Six years ago she picked up fire fans, and from there she never looked back. She has attended LIB three times in years passed, where she has made some of her most cherished memories, such as her first time spinning fire at a festival. She is a dedicated member of her beloved Burning Man conclave Ministry of Flow, and has been both a production leader and performer with her troupe since 2018. Over the last several years she has delved into her role in the community as a teacher. Sharing her knowledge of flow arts with friends and fellow artists is her favorite way to give back to her community, and she hopes to inspire others to explore and develop their own unique style of flow.

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Hooptimism Photo Option 1 - Hooptimism Hoop Dance.jpg

Hooptimism (Jennifer Pierre) is a hula hoop dancer with 9+ years of experience in single hooping, double hooping, and acrobatic hooping. Before discovering her passion for hoop dance, her first creative love was musical theatre. She has over 15 years of experience in voice, acting, tap, jazz, ballet, and acro. Hooptimism has performed in a wide variety of events and shows throughout the NJ/NY/CA area, including weddings, family events, and larger community events. In addition to performing, Hooptimism has substantial teaching experience. She has led three ten-week beginner performance and hoop dance class series for children and teens since 2010, and also regularly provides private lessons and tutorials for children and adults. Most recently, she joined on a member of Lumia Dance Company, a new and innovative flow arts dance group.

Nathan Belle

My non performer name is Aaron Zamarron. I am 32 and SF Based. When off stage, I am still on as a Personal Trainer in The Castro District. I love to move and to create a unique experience to those I’m working for regardless of the setting. As a performer I enjoy taking people back to feeling a sense of nostalgia and childhood wonder. My vibes can be fun and playful to explosive and sensual.

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inbound1486270257093864070 - Rhiannon Keeland.jpg


I'm a lot of character and smiles in a small package, aka Toon! When I'm not studying to be a medical professional, I love creating and dancing with fire with my friends. I'm always trying to encourage smiles with my many faces, because the world is brighter with smiles and laughter.

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