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"Otillia Hoops offers spectacular hoop entertainment! Great outfits, always on time, and clearly talented!"
Dise T.
"The value that Otillia brings wherever she finds herself is immense. With passion, poise, and stellar energy she has the ability to completely transform a space into a spectacle. If you're looking for the perfect addition to your production, look no further - Otillia's hula hoop acts are a professional, dynamic, and engaging way to take everything up a notch."
Justin J.
roberta testimonial.jpg
"Otillia is just a wonderful teacher. She’s patient but at the same time careful with the time we have, so you can get the most out of each class. I can be a bit of a butterfly and she always pulls my attention back to what we’re doing in a kind way. She’s super and I can’t wait to continue her classes and grow more as a hooper. I’m also taking my first steps as a performer and Otillia has been great in everything regarding that Definitely recommend."
Roberta M.
"I’ve had two private sessions so far. Otillia is such an excellent, fun, flexible and intelligent teacher!! I’ve already learned so much from her. Otillia is also very patient and thorough. I’ve had lots of fun both sessions and felt really empowered by her during our sessions. She has great energy, tips and tricks to take your hooping wherever you want it to go! If you are just starting or want to take your hooping to the next level, Otillia is the one!! 10/10 recommend!!!."
Miguel R.
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