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How to Make Time for Hooping?

Let's face it. We've got busy schedules, and life often makes it tough to find time for 'recreation'.

Health Benefits

We all know about those.....

But hooping is so much more! You can stay toned and trim by adding just ten minutes of hooping to your routine a day. Working remotely and find yourself zombie walking to the fridge a little too often? Grab your hoop instead! The burst of energy you get from a little hoop break will reinvigorate your day.

Find the small pockets in your day, swap a 10min doom scroll to connect with your mind and body. Your reality is the priority, as in, that's what you should be pouring your valuable attention into.

Mental Benefits

Watching yourself making progress in strength, stamina and dexterity as you begin to master the hoop will expose all the other ways, you're making progress in your own life. Setting goals for your hooping journey and meeting those goals does wonders for self-confidence.

The Hoop holds a lot more secrets than what we see on the surface, after hooping for a decade I can attest to the magnitude of connecting with yourself on a deeper level.

Make time for yourself today - you're worth it!

May the Flow be with You.



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