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Have a Hoopy New Year!

I hope you have had a festive holiday filled with warmth and love. Maybe even a little hoop break somewhere? As we look to another new year, 2024 (How exciting!) I really wanted to reflect on goals. I wanted to do the serious things, but I changed my mind.

They say you should make your goals fun. Luckily each year my goals include hooping so there's joy in abundance! However, this year I want to truly share that hoopiness with you and explore new avenues of what brings me joy, teaching.

My goal is to go from A to Z about everything hooping related. Starting with choosing your hoop size to fire! Within the year we will go from zero to hoop hero! Speaking of goals what are yours? What's that dream in your hoopy hopes? Comment below and let me know.

No don't keep reading! Feel free to share that missing piece of your hoop journey and I will do my best to fill it out in 2024.

Go on do it!

Did you actually share with me? If yes Thank you! keep reading, if no, keep reading, no pressure! I myself was a closet hooper and feared sharing my hopes and dreams at first. I truly do understand. So my advice, slowly dip your toes where you are comfortable, and it will get you where you want to be ❤

Now that we have established a goal we only need to follow through, ugh I can be so distracted by life sometimes, how about you? Making things fit into our busy schedules seem impossible, but even just 5 minutes will at least take of the edge for a moment. And moments add up.

I look forward to hooping it up with you in 2024!

May the Flow be with you.

Otillia Hoops

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1 Comment

Atif Rizvi
Atif Rizvi
Dec 28, 2023

I was introduced to hooping in 2010 in down town San Francisco by a person named Alicia Caldwell,you might know her.I do plan to take you're hoop classes once I return to bay area.Best of luck in you're hooping career.

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