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Hoops coming at ya!

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

We've all been there when a hoop comes at you in just the wrong way and whacks you! You actually got a pretty good bruise that time or maybe worse, a ceiling fan or some other object got involved and throws your flow of track. Ugh! It's a parable I'm trying to make and somehow will connect it as to why I never really made hoops for sale, but here it goes.

I didn't want to; it was too time consuming, (Wow I sound so whiney here lol) But it was a choice between do I perform, or do I make hoops for sale? I have a kid who just turned 5 and goes to the school I teach at, so my time is somewhat limited. But I want that time with him, and performing takes a lot out of you.

Most performers I know don't have kids because the hours are odd and you are always chasing the next job (there is a small percentage of us who perform and parent) And listen I'm not here making excuses, any performer (especially those who had kids) will tell you it's not easy. I literally have lost gigs because I can't get a babysitter and even when I do, they have filled the spot already.

Maybe I'm getting older to and I'm winding down a tad, where I'd rather pass all the deliciousness I've learned over time and make happiness in the form of sticker wrapped plastic circles! But I still won't turn down a great gig!

So back to that hoop coming at you fast and you just can't react quickly enough to defend yourself from the inevitable pain your about to feel.

I dint want to accept the fact that I can't be a full-time performer because if I did, I would lose my family dynamic. I'm an immigrant and most of my husband's family lives on the other side of the US, so close relatives are scarce. My time is opening up as they don't fill with gigs like it used to, and I need an income in something I actually enjoy doing. I've always been a hands-on person so when that hoop comes to whack me, I do my best to defend myself, but I have learned to adapt these "defenses" and direct them to a path that is to my advantage, even if I break the rules (especially the ones I devoted myself to.)

So, life whacked me with less performing but deep down I choose to spend time with my son, So I'm adapting, I have always made hoops and they are great, I'm bias I know but I had lots of practice I promise!

I bought my first hoop from Hoopmamas back in 2010, after that I made my own hoops. A time when hoopsupplies was the go-to place for all your hoop making dreams. I even tried my hand at being sponsored a few times, but I was left disappointed more than once.

So Great news everyone! I have the time to make great quality hoops for you. And my hoop store is coming at you fast!

Did I succeed in my parable? Probably the best way to drop that you have a hoop shop!

I'm about to sweeten this despicable consumerism appeal.

I' have a new offer to all current and new students! Yay! Get a custom hoop and a private lesson for just $80! That's $45 in savings! Don't hoop and just here because you love and support me? (Thank you!) It's an amazing gift to any partner or friend.

There's more to the story as to why I am rolling out these insane offers! So, stay tuned for future opportunities to learn from me or get a new shiny hoop!

Dream of Donkies and Ride the Tortoises

Otillia Hoops

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